Classic and Vintage Distributors

We keep a large stock of new-old-stock (NOS), rebuilt and used distributors of all kinds. We also keep a large stock of rotors, caps and points for British and American classic cars, trucks and military vehicles. Our stock is constantly changing, so please use the email link below to send us your requirements.

Latest stock list.

Rover V8 Lucas 35DE8 - NOS
Willys MB, Ford GPW early and late pattern, rebuilt and used.
Delco Remy D204 - Vauxhall - NOS (no cap or rotor).
Lucas DK4 - various NOS and used.
Lucas DK4 bakerlite base plate complete with points and condenser NOS.
Rolls-Royce B80 series reconditioned/NOS no rotor.
Autolite IAT 4010 secondhand - needs rotor, cap, points, condenser. Studebaker '50-'53 Champion, Eng. #531285 up (USA) & Car #G711529 up (Can). Studebaker Truck '49-50 2R5, 10, & 15 after Eng# IR-51666 (2R5&10) & IR-10371 (2R15) USA & Truck #HR5-1176 (2R5) Can. Studebaker Truck '51-53 R5 & 15.

Delco Remy 1110826 205 secondhand complete - needs new rotor. Studebaker '51-52 Commander.

Autolite IGS 4211 7B good used condition and complete except that cap is broken. Points, condenser and rotor not tested. Fits Frazer '47 - '48 F47, Kaiser @'47 - '48 K100.

Autolite IGS 4203B-1 Fits Dodge '42, Plymouth '42, Dodge Truck '42 - 47 WC, WD15, 20, 21. Interchanges with IGS4111-1 ('41), IGS4204-1 '41-42, IGS4203A-1 '42-47' IGS4203-1, 4203C-1, IGS4112-1 (Dodge '41). Plymouth '41-42, Dodge '41-42 Pass, Dodge Trucks '41-47 WC, WD15, '41-42 WD20, 21. Good secondhand, no cap or rotor. Points and condenser present but not tested.

Numerous British and American distributors to be listed in due course - please ask. We can also source distributors for you including hard to find items - email us with your requirements.

Please note that we can supply breakerless electronic ignition for any of the above distributors, either as a kit for you to fit, or we can fit it for you.

Please also note that we do not work on customers' vehicles - we only fit the kit to the distributor, not the distributor to the car.

Orders can be placed by email, telephone or post, and we take debit cards, credit cards, cheques in UK pounds, Paypal and bank transfer.

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