Motor Seal Products

We have three equally effective products for sealing minor leaks in engines. All are heavy-duty products, the difference between them being that the all-weather block seal is compatible with antifreeze and can be left in the system, whereas the ceramic sealer and the heavy-duty block seal need to be drained and taken out of the system before antifreeze is added.

Seals minor cracks in heads and blocks.

Seals and coats radiators and cooling systems.

Seals minor leaks in radiators.

Coats the inside of the entire cooling system.

Ceramic sealer - drain the cooling system and add the contents of the bottle. Fill with water and run the engine hard for 2 to 3 hours. Drain the system and allow to dry overnight. Refill with water and antifreeze.

Heavy-duty block-seal - similar in application and effectiveness to the ceramic sealer, having a different formulation.

All-weather block seal - drain a small quantity of coolant and add the block seal. Top up with water/antifreeze and leave the block seal in the system.

All these products require that the system is clean and free from floating debris. We supply heavy-duty

system cleaner for this.

These are all professional products and will in many cases seal cracks in head and blocks, and also seal leaking radiators and hoses. Please note that there is no guarantee that the crack will be sealed - but it is usually worth a try before deciding on expensive engine stripping and crack repair. If the crack is serious or does not respond to sealing, contact a crack repair specialist.

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